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Alluring Attraction Available for Preorder

I’m very happy to say that the first book of the Illicit Illusions series, Alluring Attraction, is now available for preorder at all major online retailers in eBook and paperback formats! This link will take you to the page where you can choose your preferred store for purchase.

As a note, if you buy the paperback version on Amazon, you can also get the eBook for only $0.99!

Alluring Attraction will be released on December 4, 2018.


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Is it really possible for their long-running rivalry to evolve into something more?

Ryder and Hunter have been competitive for years, but when Ryder joins a friend on a trip to a high-class brothel, he never imagined that he would discover Hunter’s darkest secret—he's a sex worker. Despite Ryder’s objections, he falls for Hunter’s seduction, and his repeated visits to the brothel start to change his feelings toward Hunter. As Ryder’s submission to Hunter intensifies, his friend’s growing suspicions about their relationship threaten to ruin everything.

Alluring Attraction is the first book in the Illicit Illusions series, erotic gay fiction for adult readers that enjoy sexy books about gorgeous men. Contains explicit M/M sexual scenes and language.