A.F. Zoelle


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Book 1 of Illicit Illusions: Alluring Attraction

Ryder and Hunter have been rivals for years and their pride makes everything into a competition. 

When Ryder agrees to join a friend on a trip to a high class brothel, he never imagined that he would discover Hunter’s darkest secret—he's a prostitute. Hoping to understand why his rival would work there, Ryder hires Hunter to discover the truth.

Ryder is interested in answers, but Hunter is only interested in pleasure. Despite Ryder’s objections, he is seduced by this newly discovered side of Hunter.

Completely captivated, Ryder’s repeated visits to the brothel start to change his relationship with Hunter. As Ryder’s feelings for Hunter intensify, his friend’s growing suspicions threaten to ruin everything.   

Is it really possible for Ryder and Hunter’s rivalry to evolve into something more?

This is the first book in the Illicit Illusions series and contains sexually explicit material for mature adults.

A.F. Zoelle